OSCPA Bridge

OSCPA Bridge™ Online Community Code of Conduct

Thank you for participating in OSCPA Bridge™, your private online community that allows users to ask questions, share knowledge, and collaborate within the professional community. 

By participating in OSCPA Bridge™ Open Forum and discussion groups you agree that you have read, understand, and will adhere to this Code of Conduct. OSCPA reserves the right to delete posts and/or terminate Bridge™ access for individuals who violate these terms.

Important! Referrals and suggestions provided in OSCPA Bridge™ Open Forum and groups are based on member-to-member professional courtesy and are not considered an authoritative source. Members must perform their own due diligence when pursuing referral contacts, technical advice, and professional assistance.

Please do:

  • Use the online community to ask questions, share knowledge and collaborate - for the benefit of yourself and your business, and to help others.
  • Search before posting a question, as your question may have been answered already.
  • Include your name and affiliation in all postings.
  • Be polite, respectful, and professional in your posts and replies.
  • Use the Reply Privately option to respond to an individual directly. 
  • Use the Reply to Group option to respond to everyone in the Group.
  • Give credit where credit is due by citing your sources. 
  • Use caution when discussing products as information posted on any platform is available for all participants to see, and your comments may be subject to libel, slander, and antitrust laws.
  • Report any inappropriate postings you find within the community to communications@orcpa.org, or call 503-641-7200 / 800-255-1470, ext. 4.

The following are prohibited – Do not:

  • Post unnecessary messages to the whole group. Instead, send appreciative notes directly to an individual rather than posting to the whole group.
  • Post or send inappropriate or unprofessional messages or materials. All defamatory, obscene, offensive, abusive, profane, threatening, or illegal posts, content, and materials are strictly prohibited and will be removed.
  • Post any information or material protected by copyright without permission of the copyright owner. By posting material, you warrant and represent that you own the copyright or have received permission from the copyright owner.
  • Share client information that violates Rule 301, Confidential Client Information, of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. Do not share beyond what is available to the public, or that the client has agreed may be disclosed. This would apply even in cases where the client’s name is not given.
  • Discuss fees and costs of third-party commercial products and services.
  • Advertise or promote continuing professional education (CPE) programs not affiliated with OSCPA.
  • Advertise services, solicit business, or post other promotional or sales messages. This includes, but is not limited to, products/services, job postings, firm/business acquisitions, etc.

OSCPA will:

  • Create new forums as requested when there is sufficient interest by members.
  • Monitor forum postings and respond to user complaints about specific postings.
  • Remove a posting if it violates the code of conduct.
  • Remove a posting if requested to do so by the member who posted.
  • Remove a member from a forum who continues to violate the code of conduct after receiving a warning.
  • Occasionally display, copy, publish, and distribute information posted within the forums for the purposes of marketing and encouraging members to participate in the online community.

OSCPA does not:

  • Moderate postings.
  • Pay for postings or other content on OSCPA Bridge™
  • Review postings for technical accuracy

If you have questions, suggestions, or problems using OSCPA Bridge™, please contact Communications@orcpa.org,  or call 503-641-7200 / 800-255-1470, ext. 4.

Legal Terms

Any views or opinions presented in postings on the OSCPA Bridge™ online community and group discussions are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the OSCPA. In no event shall the OSCPA be liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data, or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of the online community service or information posted by members. 

You hereby release and waive any and all claims and or liability against the OSCPA arising from or in connection with your use of the online community. You also agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the OSCPA from and against any and all claims or liability, including costs and attorneys fees, arising from or in connection with your use of the online community or any postings by you on the site or your failure to abide by applicable law.